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One Mountain, Many Paths — Choose Yours!

Connect With Fellow Communications, Marketing, and Enrollment Professionals from Anywhere in the World.

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The Adventure Begins In:

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Why Join Us?

I can't say enough about my conference experience! I am still full of excitement about it. The entire day was so great and organized so well that I actually felt that I was there in person. The speakers and their presentations were informative and full of great tips. It was flawless!

— Jackie Cleaves
Marketing Manager
Island Catholic Schools, British Columbia

Finalsite's virtual School Marketing Day was structured, informative and all encompassing. The team had practical, workable solutions/ideas for many problems which we, as school marketers face every day and the new ones presented by worldwide physical distancing dictated by COVID-19. This was the best idea ever... presenting a virtual conference that was definitely affordable for us all. Thank you Finalsite!

— Carol L. Marshall
PR & Marketing
Lockerbie College, Barbados

Every time I leave a Finalsite webinar, I feel inspired. School Marketing Day was packed with useful information, concrete examples, and directives broken down into easy-to-digest steps. 

— Caroline Andress
Director of Marketing & Communications
St. Mark's Cathedral School, Louisiana

As always, Finalsite [events] provide up-to-date and practical resources and ideas which can be taken and immediately applied in school.

— Richard Bampfylde
Marketing Manager
Brummana High School, Lebanon

Finalsite's virtual conference was a tremendously successful event. From filling the short-term needs created by the COVID-19 crisis to providing valuable insights and information for use now and in the future, the event was one of the most impactful I have been to, either virtual or in person.

— Kevin Altieri
Director of Admissions
Fairfield Prep, Connecticut

School Marketing Day sponsored by Finalsite proved timely for schools changed by the current state of affairs in the world. The foresight and expert guidance from the webinar to equip and enhance the digital presence through marketing and distance learning is invaluable.

— D. Small
Director of Admissions
Christian Heritage Academy, Oklahoma

School Marketing Day was professionally organized and interactive. The agenda was clear and the classes were easy to attend. The whole event was engaging and I am inspired by many take-aways from the presentations.

— Joy Maguire-Parsons
Director of Admissions
The Colorado Springs School, Colorado

Finalsite's School Marketing Day was an amazing example of high-quality, engaging professional development. Presenters were top-notch, providing content I will be able to put to use at my school immediately. This was truly a bright spot amidst my time working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

— Noel Dietrich
Director of Advancement and Communications
Wilmington Montessori School, Delaware

Finalsite has the best collection of experienced, relatable, and innovative school marketers. I always look forward to their conferences.

— Tricia Xavier
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
The Gooden School, California

During these difficult times, Finalsite's leadership has been impressive. School Marketing Day was another example of that. As a small school, I'm able to see how others are breaking down challenges and adapt them to our own culture and budget. It's as if Finalsite hosted an MIT Media Lab hackathon for school administrative leaders.

— Beth Caldwell
Director of Communications
Chiaravalle Montessori, Illinois

The day was FANTASTIC! Sessions led by both industry experts and school leaders in the field made for a very dynamic learning experience. I hope to participate in more learning with Finalsite soon!

— Carrie Sterrs
Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs 
Worcester County Public Schools, Maryland

Public School is changing so rapidly. Hearing from your fellow industry professionals is no longer a possibility, it's a necessity.

— Julie Delcourt
Lead Communications Manager
Tiverton School District, Rhode Island

School Marketing Day

Don't step out of your comfort zone…Climb!

You're on course to blaze a trail through 2021-2022 and beyond—don't stop now. Create new opportunities, set new goals, conquer your objectives, and whatever challenge comes rolling your way, we'll be there as your guide—adventure awaits!

School Marketing Day may have just passed, but you're not too late! You can still register and receive tons of new tactics, and inspiration that will help you soar to new heights, hone in on the strategies that matter, and give you the confidence you need to navigate your way to the top of the mountain. ⛰️

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